About Us

After having served as a U.S. JAG officer, having worked in private practice, and having presided as a Hinds County Chancery Court Judge, Judge Arnold “Red” Pyle formed Pyle & Pyle with his son in January of 1981.  As the firm continued to grow from there, Jerry Mills began work with Judge Pyle in 1982.  James Gabriel came on board later, and Jerry’s wife Carolyn eventually joined the firm, too, after her years with the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office.  Later, former Lt. Gov. Brad Dye and former Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice Ed Pittman, with whom Carolyn Mills had worked in private practice, joined the firm.  Most recently, associate John Scanlon began work here in 2008.  The firm has gone through other names over the years, but one thing has not changed – our commitment to providing the best possible service for our clients.

Although the lawyers at Pyle, Mills, Dye & Pittman have a broad range of experience from both sides of civil and criminal matters, their practice philosophy focuses on individual client service.  We offer a wide variety of legal services — please select one of our specialties from the drop-down menu under Practice Areas.

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Here are some of our representative cases (click on case names to read full opinions):

Fletcher v. Diamondhead Incorporators, 77 So.3d 92 (Miss. 2011)

Jones v. Lutken, 62 So.3d 455 (Miss. Ct. App. 2011)

Hall v. City of Ridgeland, 37 So.3d 25 (Miss. 2010)

Fairley v. Hattiesburg, 584 F.3d 660 (5th Cir. 2009)

Jackson v. Byram Incorporators, 16 So.3d 662 (Miss. 2009)