Municipal and Governmental Law

Our attorneys serve as general counsel for the cities of both Ridgeland and Byram, the latter being newly incorporated and chartered as a result of our victory in the Supreme Court in 2009.  This unique position enables us to advise two rapidly-growing municipalities on a variety of issues including public purchasing, drafting ordinances, police and fire department matters, public utilities, municipal contracts and services, elections, zoning and planning, imminent domain, and numerous types of various other litigation.  As a result, we regularly practice in both Hinds and Madison county courts, and before the boards of supervisors in both counties. In Byram, our firm also serves as the city prosecutor in the municipal court.  In addition representing these municipal clients, we have also represented other cities such as Meridian and Hattiesburg in matters ranging from water-rate disputes to redistricting and voting rights challenges.  In addition to regularly representing the South Madison County Fire Protection District, our firm has also served other smaller government agencies such as the Canton Municipal Utilities commission and the Madison County School District. This experience also enables our firm to assist individuals who are aggrieved by a decision of a local authority, whether it be a city council, a city board of aldermen, a county board of supervisors, an emergency communications district, or a zoning and planning commission.